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Why The Stock Market Could Crash Any Day

Why The Stock Market Could Crash Any Day

A little-known market indicator just issued a new long-term sell signal on the entire stock market… and you should pay attention to it. Here’s why:

This is no ordinary indicator. It contains a proprietary algorithm that has proven to predict overall market direction with stunning accuracy.

In fact, it predicted the slaughter of the tech bubble in 2000 and the housing collapse in 2008. Both signals came just in time for traders and investors to ditch the market and hold on to their wealth … provided they listened.

But it wasn’t just about avoiding huge losses. After the 2008 crash ended and we started into what would become this new 7 year bull market, this indicator put investors back in the market in March 2009 for the buying opportunity of a life-time.

Many traders without this indicator were still sitting scared on the sidelines, but for those who listened, it was an opportunity for record profits. No door-greeting at Wal-Mart during retirement years for these smart investors. And all they had to do was listen to and follow the signals this indicator provided.

The algorithm used by this indicator has accurately timed 22 out of 24 major market turns since 1970. That means it currently has a 91.6% accuracy rate. It also means that ever since it got a new sell signal on the entire market, bullish traders only have an 8.4% chance of making money by going long on stocks … at least until this indicator gets another long-term buy signal.

Once the looming crash comes and goes, followers of this indicator are likely to get another fantastic buying opportunity. For those who missed it last time, this could be a second chance to balloon your retirement account and recover the losses of the past decade.

It’s a free resource called Direction Alerts. Over 100,000+ traders have signed up to get its’ wealth saving and wealth building alerts. Check it out here.

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