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10 Omens Certain To Crash Stocks In 2015!

10 Omens Certain To Crash Stocks In 2015!

If you’re an investor and you’re not scared shitless you need to WAKE UP!!!

Any single one or combination of the following omens could prove to be the next black swan that crashes stocks in 2015 – only this crash could be much worse than 2008!

  • Oil has plunged over -60% since the summer.
  • Yields on junk bonds are skyrocketing.
  • The biggest buyer of equities are corporations loading their balance sheets with debt to repurchase shares.
  • Abe Shinzo lost his mind and has decimated the Japanese Yen.
  • Mario Draghi just turned Japanese and is doing the same to the Euro.
  • The “neo-marxist” Syriza party won the Greek election – Greece to be “booted” from the European Union?
  • Bond investors only “demand” (haha) 1.5% to 2.5% to lend money to club med countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal).
  • The Russian Ruble has collapsed.
  • Venezuela is about to implode.
  • And “Cold War 2.0” has officially started.

But hey, who’s worried?  The stock market has “shrugged” it off rising for 6 straight years without so much as a “hiccup”! It’s now one of the longest running bull markets in history.

Should it lasts 7 years, it will set a record for the longest streak of rising prices without a correction…don’t bet on it.  But you know what they say…“stocks climb the wall of worry” until they don’t!

This wall is more than worry, it’s the “Great Wall of Paper Money”. All central bankers have gone stark-raving mad in a colossal money printing “experiment” never before tried.

So far investors continue to put their trust in the creature from Jekyll island. But the paper money gods have shot their wad and have nothing left to prop up equity markets.

We are in uncharted waters. Exposing your life savings or retirement account to stocks at these levels is financial suicide. But there’s one group of investors who aren’t worried.

These “sleep well at night” investors have access to a proprietary crash-proof algorithm that saved investors from both the dotcom and subprime crashes and promises to warn you in plenty of time before the next stock market crash begins (could be at any moment).

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