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WATCH: This Astronaut Took His GoPro Out For A Spacewalk

WATCH: This Astronaut Took His GoPro Out For A Spacewalk

Get ready for vertigo. If you were traumatized by Sandra Bullock’s Gravity, you won’t want to watch this…

Astronaut Randy Bresnik brought his GoPro on his spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS) in October.

This 90-second video shows Bresnik refurbishing a robotic arm on the station, and Bresnik says that sometimes, “you just have to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of our planet.”

And with a view like that, how could you blame him?

Bresnik, an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and a NASA astronaut since 2004, was stationed on the ISS for 139 days and returned to earth Thursday with three other astronauts. During his time on the ISS, he helped investigate the effect microgravity has on E. coli and studied the origins of cosmic rays.

Beyond his work in the station’s lab, Bresnik also participated in three spacewalks to provide maintenance to crucial parts of the ISS, including the replacement of a part of the Canadarm2, one of the station’s robotic arms used to pick up incoming payloads. During these spacewalks, Bresnik caught some incredible images—including some awe-inspiring images of the Grand Canyon—and posting them to his social media accounts.

Bresnik won’t be returning to the ISS any time soon, but we think he’ll be back in his natural habitat in orbit in no time.

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