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This Stock Could Skyrocket If Weed Is Legalized

This Stock Could Skyrocket If Weed Is Legalized

No, this isn’t article about another cannabis company.

This is about a household name that stands to see massive benefit from the legalization of pot.

In the states where marijuana is legal, fast food sales have increased dramatically. Cannabis has been shown to increase users’ appetite, and according to a new study by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis, many customers leave legalized dispensaries and head directly to the nearest fast food chain.

In fact, 43% of marijuana users in states where the substance is legalized were found to have eaten at a McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) in the past four weeks, which is significantly higher than among responders to the survey who hadn’t visited a local dispensary.

Over 27,000 people responded to the survey where several other restaurants also saw higher consumption, including Yum! Brands’ (NYSE: YUM) Taco Bell and KFC, Wendy’s (NASDAQ: WEN), Jack in the Box, and Carl’s Jr.

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