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3 Stocks In This New Trillion Dollar Sector Are Buys Now

3 Stocks In This New Trillion Dollar Sector Are Buys Now

Investing in this soon-to-be $1 Trillion sector is a no-brainer and these 3 stocks are poised to see huge gains.

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If you don’t already know, the Internet of Things (IoT) sector is exploding. For years, there’s been buzz around the sector and countless technologists talking about the coming age of IoT. And now, it’s finally here.

There are roughly 12 billion devices currently sending data over the internet, often with no or very little human intervention.

And we’re just getting started. IHS Markit estimates the number of machines connected to the internet to more than quadruple by 2025, reaching 55 billion.

“We’re just starting to move out of the pilot phase” with IoT, said IDC analyst Carrie MacGillivray.

So it’s no wonder then why experts describing how big the IoT market will by by 2025 say it’s a trillion dollar market.

Yes, trillion. That’s twelve zeros.

That presents a massive opportunity to investors who can identify the players best positioned to profit on this fast-growing market.

Here are three stocks to consider in the space that could pull in incredible profits in the coming years.


Remember IBM’s Watson? The artificial intelligence platform that beat other contestants on Jeopardy a few years ago? Well, it does a whole lot more than that. It is helping fight cancer, can complete tax returns, and picks stocks, to name just a few of its talents.

You might be surprised to see IBM on a list of IoT stocks, but the same artificial intelligence tool is also able to do some serious number crunching that does something useful with all of the data generated by IoT devices.

The platform gives enterprises the ability to completely manage their IoT landscapes to make better business decisions in real-time. In fact, IBM’s Watson-powered IoT platform was named a category leader by IDC, a leading tech industry research firm.

Marvell Technology Group (NASDAQ: MRVL)

Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) is an industry-leading designer, developer, and supplier of mixed signal and digital signal processing integrated circuits, and is a name you may not have heard before.

The specialty semiconductor maker’s specialties include data storage, network infrastructure, and wireless connectivity solutions that are essential for the Internet of Things to work. In fact, the company’s “EZ-Connect” platform is used by a wide variety of global customers in the space.

And with last year’s announcement that Marvell would be acquiring rival Cavium in a $6 billion deal, Marvell CEO Matt Murphy told CNBC that that the company had become a “pure play” on industrial cloud and IoT, saying that investors “love the fact that you’re getting a pure play infrastructure, cloud-levered, [internet-of-things]-levered company that really takes care of all the interconnections within the cloud and to the edge.”

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM)

Much like Marvell, STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is a little-known chip maker that’s often thought of as just another semiconductor stock.

But the company is building several IoT-specific solutions, and is quietly becoming more deeply engrained in the market and is working with some very big names already.

In March, the company announced that Chinese mega e-commerce retailer Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) had successfully validated STM’s LSM6DSL 6-axis inertial sensor and LPS22HB pressure sensor for its IoT ecosystem, enabling physical information to be turned into digital information. Such validation gives STM an entry into Alibaba’s IoT future activities, which is very good news for this chipmaker.

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